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Calculate Your Car Payments with Our Easy Online Tool

Looking to buy or lease a Corvette? These highly sought-after sports cars can be a bit pricey, but most Baltimore drivers can fit one into their budget with the right financing plan. Whether you're interested in leasing a brand-new C8 Corvette, or purchasing a vintage pre-owned model, Ciocca Corvette of Atlantic City can help you acquire your dream car. Our onsite financing specialists are happy to assist you, but you can get a head start on the process by using our handy online payment calculator.

Formulate a Budget

Before you even begin, it may be a good idea to write out your budget. Start with your monthly net pay, or total take-home amount from your paycheck. Then subtract your monthly expenses (such as rent or mortgage payments, power bills, food and entertainment costs, estimated medical expenses, etc.) Creating a written budget will give our Philadelphia customers an approximate amount that they can spend each month on car payments. Keep in mind that'll you need at least some wiggle room for unexpected expenses that inevitably occur.

Using the Payment Calculator

Once you've determined the amount you can afford for monthly car payments, it's time to use the payment calculator to get an estimate of how much a specific model in our listings will cost per month. For example, suppose that a New York driver wants to buy a pre-owned Corvette from our selection that's listed for $48,000. Navigate to the Payment Calculator page on our website by clicking on Financing, then clicking on Payment Calculator from the drop-down menu.

On the Payment Calculator page, enter $48,000 in the box beside Price. Then, enter the amount you can spend for a down payment in the box beside Down Payment. Of course, the higher down payment you make, the less you have to finance, and the lower your monthly payments will be. For this example, we'll enter $4,000 dollars for the down payment. We'll also use 6.9% for the APR, or estimated financing rate.

Next, people in Washington will want to choose a Term, or the length of time they'll need to pay back their car loan. Lengthening the term will lower your monthly payments, but it will increase the overall amount you spend on the car. Conversely, shortening the term makes the monthly payments higher, but you'll pay less overall because you're paying it back quicker and making fewer total payments. For this example, we'll use 72 months (or six years). With this term length, your monthly payment would be approximately $748. Going with a 60-month term makes the estimated payment $869 per month. Using an 80-month term reduces the monthly payment to $662.

Choose a New or Used Corvette from Our Inventories!

To the right of the Payment Calculator is a bar graph of Other Payment Options detailing the payment amounts and terms. Below that are buttons for Search New Inventory and Search Pre-Owned Inventory. For this instance, we'll choose Search Pre-Owned Inventory. Clicking on Pre-Owned Inventory brings up two used Corvette models that fit within our example budgeting parameters. Of course, Florida drivers who are able to spend more than $48,000 will have more cars come up in their search.

Contact Ciocca Corvette of Atlantic City to Discuss Financing and Lease Options

The online Payment Calculator is an effective way to see how much your payments would be when financing a new or used Corvette. Leasing a new Corvette is another alternative that lets Atlantic City drivers pay only for the time they drive the car, rather than the entire cost. Leases generally run from two to four years and monthly payments may be lower. However, you may have to pay mileage or wear-and-tear fees. The financing experts at Ciocca Corvette of Atlantic City will be glad to discuss your financing options with you and customize a solution that suits your lifestyle and budget. Contact us today!