Z06 Order Verification

The 2023 Z06 Options and Prices have now been released.  GM is not yet accepting orders for the Z06.  Once GM announces when they will start accepting orders, we will announce the start of our order process.  Stay-tuned to the website for more information.
Thank you for your patience during our reservation process for the C8 Z06.
To determine the approximate standing of your reservation, please enter the email address associated with your reservation in the box below. 
The list will only be updated on the 1st of every month.
If there are questions regarding Z06 reservations, please send an email to  Z06@cioccadealerships.com. Due to staffing shortages, we are handling Z06 reservation questions via email only and will respond within 2 business days.
If you'd like to remove your name from the list and request a refund, please send an email to Z06@cioccadealerships.com and include the address where you want the refund sent.