Z06 Options & Prices

Explore limitless possibilities with the Corvette options and prices list. From colors and wheels, to stripes and accessories, you can customize a Stingray coupe or convertible to your exact specifications.

2023 Corvette Z06 Price and Spec

  Model:     MSRP:
  1YH07 Corvette Z06 Coupe 1LZ   $105,000
  1YH67 Corvette Z06 Convertible 1LZ   $112,500
1YH07 Corvette Z06 Coupe 2LZ   $114,200
  1YH07 Corvette Z06 Coupe 3LZ   $118,850
  1YH67 Corvette Z06 Convertible 2LZ   $121,200
  1YH67 Corvette Z06 Convertible 3LZ   $125,850
    Destination   $1,395
  Exterior Color:      
  G1W White Pearl Metallic Tintcoat 70th Anniversary Edition Only $0
  G48 Caffeine Metallic   $0
  G8G Arctic White   $0
  G9F Ceramic Matrix   $0
  GA7 Hypersonic Gray Metallic   $0
  GAR Carbon Flash Metallic 70th Anniversary Edition Only $0
GBA Black   $0
  GC5 Amplify Orange Tintcoat   $995
  GDO Accelerate Yellow Metallic   $500
  GKZ Torch Red     $0
  GMO Rapid Blue   $500
  GPH Red Mist Metallic Tintcoat   $995
  GS7 Elkhart Lake Blue   $0
  GS7 Silver Flare Metallic   $0
  Interior Color:      
    Jet Black    $0
  Adrenaline Red    $0
    Sky Cool Gray   $0
    Natural Requires 2LZ or 3LZ $0
    Twilight Blue Dipped Requires 3LZ $0
    Adrenaline Red Dipped Requires 3LZ $0
    Natural Dipped Requires 3LZ $0
    Ceramic with Red Stitch 70th Anniversary Edition Only $0
  R6X Custom Interior Requires Sold Order $695
  D30 Color Combination Override Requires Sold Order $695
  Additional Options      
  BV4 Personalized Plaque w/Name and VIN   $295
  E60 Front Lift Adjustable Height with Memory 2LZ or 3LZ $2,595
  PIN Customer Selectable VIN   $5,000
  R6X Custom Interior Trim and Seat Combination Override 3LZ Only $590
  R8C Corvette Museum Delivery   $995
TVS Low-profile rear spoiler and front splitter   $595
  ERI Battery Protection Package   $100
  J57 Carbon Ceramic Brakes Included in Z07 Package $8,495
  J6E Yellow Painted Brake Calipers   $695
  J6F Bright Red Painted Brake Calipers   $695
  J6L Orange Painted Brake Calipers   $695
  J6N Edge Red Painted Brake Calipers   $695
  Convertible Top:      
  D84 Carbon Flash Painted Nacelles and Roof Convertible Only $1,295
  D86 Carbon Flash Painted Nacelles and Body-Color Roof Convertible Only $1,295
  Exhaust Systems:      
  NGA Black Exhaust Tips Requires NPP on Stingray $395
  Exterior Appearance:      
  CFV Visible Carbon Fiber Ground Effects   $3,995
  CFZ Painted Carbon Fiber Ground Effects   $2,995
  T0F Carbon Aero Package - Painted Inluces CFZ Ground Effects $8,495
  T0G Carbon Aero Package - Visible Inluces CFV Ground Effects $10,495
  ZYC Carbon Flash Metallic Painted Outside Mirrors   $195
  Interior Trim:      
  36S Yellow Custom Leather Stitch 3LZ only. Requires Jet Black Interior $495
  379 Orange Seat Belts   $495
  38S Adrenaline Red Custom Leather Stitch 3LZ only $495
  719 Black Seat Belts   $0
  3A9 Tension Blue Seat Belts Std with HTO Interior $495
  3F9 Torch Red Seat Belts Std with HNK and HV1 Interiors $495
  3M9 Yellow Seat Belts   $495
  3N9 Tan Seat Belts Std with HZN and HUF $495
  BAZ Stealth Interior Trim Package; Dark finish aluminum trim 2LZ or 3LZ $595
  FA5 Carbon Fiber Cluster-Surround and Console, Door Switch Plates 2LZ or 3LZ $1,500
  FA6 Carbon Fiber Insturment Panel Trim, Cluster Surround and Console/Door Inserts 3LZ Only $4,995
  N26 Sueded Microfiber-Wrapped Steering Wheel N/A on 3LZ; Std on 3LT with HV1 Interior $595
  N2Z Carbon Fiber and Sueded Wrapped Steering Wheel   $695
  TU7 Two-Tone Seats 2LZ or 3LZ $595
  Navigation Equipment:      
  IOT Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Premium System with Navigation and Performance Data Recorder Std on 2LZ and 3LZ $1,795
  Performance Package:      
  Z07 Z07 Performance Package   $8,995
  Roof Panels:      
  C2Z Visible Carbon Fiber Removable Roof Panel with Body Color Surround Coupe Only $2,495
  CC3 Transparent Removable Roof Panel Coupe Only $995
  AE4 Competition Sport Bucket Seats 3LT Only $500
  AE4 Competition Sport Bucket Seats 1LT Only $995
  AE4 Competition Sport Bucket Seats 2LT Only $1,995
  AH2 GT2 Bucket Seats 2LT Only; Std on 3LT $1,695
  Special Edition:      
  Y70 70th Anniversary Special Edition 3LT only $5,995
  Stripe Packages:      
  DSY Orange Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package   $995
  DSZ Red Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package   $995
  DT0 Yellow Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package   $995
  DTF 70th Anniversary Satin Matrix Gray Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package Requires Y70 $995
  DTH Carbon Flash Metallic Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package   $995
  DTK 70th Anniversary Satin Black Metallic Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package Requires Y70 $995
  DUB Sterling Silver Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package   $995
  DUW Blue Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package   $995
  DX0 Midnight Gray Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package   $995
  DZU Carbon Flash/Edge Yellow Stinger Stripe   $500
  DZV Carbon Flash/Midnight Silver Stinger Stripe   $500
  DZX Carbon Flash/Edge Red Stinger Stripe   $500
  ROY Painted Carbon Fiber Wheel   $9,995
  ROZ Visible Carbon Fiber Wheel   $11,995
    Spider Design - Silver Forged Aluminum Wheels   $0
  SOA Spider Design -Black Forged Aluminum Wheels   $495
  SOC Spideer Design - Satin Graphite Forged Aluminum Wheels   $495
  SOD Spider Design - Machined-faced Forged Aluminum Wheels   $1,495
  Paint Protection:      
    Cermaic Coating   $1,695
    Front Clip   $2,795
    Front Clip with Ceramic Coating   $4,190
    Track Pack   $3,495
    Track Pack with Ceramic Coating   $4,890
    Full Car PPF   $6,495
    Full Car PPF with Ceramic Coating   $7,890
  5DH Spider Design, Satin Graphite Forged Aluminum Wheels with Red Stripe   $3,595
  5DK Spider Design, Tech Bronze Forged Aluminum Wheels   $3,795
  5JR Outside Mirror Covers in Visible Carbon Fiber Includes Carbon Flash Metallic-Painted Outside Mirrors $1,285
  5ZC Jake Logo Wheel Center Caps   $260
  5ZD Carbon Flash Center Caps w/Crossed Flags   $260
  CAV Contoured Cargo Area Liners with Jake Logo   $165
  PDA Jake C8.R Graphics Package   $995
  PDY Roadside Safety Package Includes First Aid Kit and Highway Safety Kit $175
  PEF Contoured Liner Protection Package   $335
  RIA All-weather floor liners with Jake logo   $205
  RIK Rear Corvette Script, Painted in Torch Red   $395
  RIN Rear Corvette Script, Painted in Arctic White   $395
  RWH Premium Indoor Car Cover in Black with Crossed Flags Logo   $460
  RWU Collapsible Cargo Area Organizer   $165
  RYT First Aid Kit   $55
  S08 Highway Safety Kit   $130
  S2L Set of Premium Leather Weekend Travel Bags   $1,495
  S47 Chrome Lug Nuts   $245
  SBT Dual Roof Panel Package   $2,295
  SC7 Roof Panel Storage Pouch   $175
  SDA Recovery Hook, Black   $105
  SFE Chrome Wheel Locks   $95
  SFZ Dark Stealth Crossed Flags Emblem, Frong and Back   $225
  SG1 Z06 Badge in Edge Red   $295
  SL8 Rear Corvette Script, Painted in Elkhart Lake Blue   $295
  SNE Jake Hood Graphic   $495
  SPY Black Lug Nuts   $245
  SPZ Black Wheel Locks   $125
  SQU Ultra-High Security Chrome Wheel Locks   $105
  VPW jake C8.R Rear Hash Graphic   $495
  VTB Rear Fascia/Roof Storage Protector in Black with Crossed Flag Logo   $135
  VW9 Tech Bronze Venter Caps with Crossed Flags   $260
  VYW Premium Carpeted Floor Mats   $260
  W2D Cargo Net Set   $105
  WKQ Premium Indoor Car Cover in Black with Crossed Flags Logo and Access Panels   $475
  WKR Premium Indoor Car Cover, Yellow, Fully Rendered C8.R   $1,195
  WKS Z06 Premium Indoor Car Cover   $460
  WL0 Premium Indoor Car Cover, Gray, Fully Rendered C8.R   $1,195
  XPEL PPF      
  XFC Xpel Front Clip   $2,795
  XTP Xpel Track Pack   $3,495
  XFC Xpel Full Car   $6,495


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